ULTRABIT is an automated trading system with high leverage.
It is designed for users who seek high leverage trading.

high-risk and high-return

This is a high-risk, high-return system for automated trading with high leverage of up to 20x.

Automatic trading START

Once automatic trading is started, you cannot START/STOP until the trade is completed and the profit/loss is distributed.

Total operation BTC limit

High-multiplier leveraged trading is possible by setting a limit on the total number of BTC in total operation.

BT limit per person

The BTC limit per person is 0.1 BTC, and you cannot START over the limit.

Distribution of profit and loss

After the automatic trading is completed, the profit and loss will be distributed according to the runnning BTC amount.

STOP runningBTC

After the distribution of profit and loss, you can STOP until the next transaction.

About Risk

High leverage trading may result in a loss.

Profit and Loss

ULTRABIT does not promise any profit.
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How to start with ULTRABIT

You can create an account with ULTRABIT for free. It is also free to deposit and store BTC.
A fee of 0.5% of the START amount will be charged when you start operations, and a withdrawal fee of 0.001 BTC will be charged when you withdraw.

01:Create an account

Registration is possible with only an email address.

02:BTC Deposit

Deposit BTC after login

03:BTC running

Enter the amount of BTC you want to run and click “START”.

04:Distribution of profit and loss

Profit and loss sharing after automated trading is completed

Return maximization

ULTARABIT trades with high leverage.

ULTRABIT is a system that aims to increase the returns you can get from short-term trading.
Since the AI automatically trades with high leverage of up to 20x, small fluctuations in BTC price may result in large returns. At the same time, small BTC price movements may result in fixed losses in trading.

In addition, automatic trading will take place when the AI determines that there is a high possibility of making a profit. Therefore, depending on the AI’s judgment, it may not trade for a long period of time.